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arrow season one: a look back



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Hook in ‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 4 Teaser X

”I am the lost princess, aren’t I?” 


Having an eye for beauty isn’t the same thing as a weakness.

Everyone: Take down TMZ


I have no idea if this will change anything or help at all. But, something has to be done. Apparently, a guy from 4Chan hacks into celebrities iClouds and TMZ is buying them off of him for tons of money. So far - this happened to Jennifer Lawrence (Which they have more of and videos.) and Victoria Justice. Both women are getting slut shamed for their “behavior.” But, who knew their nudes would leak onto the internet. Nudes are very personal photos and it’s wrong to leak them for profit. Very disgusting.

The guy from 4Chan also have 50+ more celebrities nudes. 

I want TMZ down - others to do. 




Arrow’s Stephen Amell answering questions at Fan Expo today in Toronto O X 


They are shooting 3x05 The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak right now. Oliver meets Felicity’s mom. 

Stephen says that he’s really good friends with Emily Bett Rickards.

Stephen was taking a nap when he heard about the Olicity kiss.

On yoga pants : “ Something must be wrong when you walk into a yoga room and feel like a pervert” 

On working with John Barrowma : ” It is very cold and wet working with JB.” 

Stephen showed a small video of his daughter Mavi. 

The loudest cheer in the audience was for Olicity. 

On Olicity : Stephen teased saying ” We will learn of any feelings or lack there of between Oliver and Felicity in the premiere.” 

Cute moment : A fan asked ” What would you like to see Oliver do this season?” Fans yelled out Felicity. Stephen actually blushed at the comment.