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Arturo is a 29-year-old male polar bear currently living in Argentina’s Mendoza Zoo. He is suffering in 40C (104F) heat in an enclosure that has just 20 inches of water for him to swim in and has as a consequence been displaying worrying behavior.

Please sign this petition or at least spread the word in order to have Arturo transferred to a zoo in Canada which has better facilities for an animal that is used to polar conditions.

sign this or die

This is the most depressing creature I have ever laid eyes on.

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Top 20 Characters (as voted by my followers) → #12 (1/2): Felicity Smoak

"If I had accepted my life, I would be a cocktail waitress in Vegas like my mother, and I never would have gone to college, and I never would have moved a thousand miles away to work at Queen Consolidated, and I never would have believed some crazy guy in a hood when he told me I could be more than just some IT girl."

fic: What Would I Do (Without Your Smart Mouth)? (Olicity, 4/?, Teen)


OHP Prompt: College AU
Team: Queen Smoak
Words: 2,166

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Okay, last part for now… I have some plans already fo whre I might take this… let me know if you’re interested!

Felicity would love to say that she didn’t think once about Oliver Queen after that party.  But that would be a lie.  She thought of him more often than was probably wise, and often at odd and inconvenient times.  Such as when she was in the shower, or laying awake in bed or when trying to concentrate in class on Monday morning.  She reasoned with herself it was only because he was drop dead gorgeous and that it had nothing to do with the way she was already interested in what was making this man tick. 

Still, her thoughts of him were mostly abstract.  Or at least they were until he joined them for lunch on Monday afternoon.  Felicity had come right to the dining hall directly after her American Experiences class and saw that Sara had their usual table saved.  It was located next to a plate glass window overlooking the campus pond and was one of the nicest seats in the house.  They tried to command that table at each meal they ate on campus; generally every lunch a few dinners on nights where they had night classes.  

Laurel and Tommy ate with them as well, and had since last year.  A few other mutual friends drifted in and out at times but today, the extra seats were filled with with the muscled bodies of Oliver Queen and John Diggle.  The three men were joking with one another and Sara and Laurel were discussing something.  For the first time since her very first week at Northwestern Pacific University, Felicity felt awkward and out of place where she should have been feeling anything but. John was in the seat next to Sara that she would have normally sat in, leaving an open seat next to Oliver and across from Sara.  She stood back from the table, eyeing it with a little apprehension. 

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OH.MY.GOD! Have you ever read “Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire? Keep writing, please! The story is amazing!

Caity Lotz calls Emily Bett Rickards @ Denver Comic Con